Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

Cleans Engines While Increasing Horsepower & Torque

Improves Fuel Efficiency in Most Vehicles!

Sleek, Compact & Durable – An Hour or Less to Install!

BUY a H2HYPOD and start your first amazing journey today!

Join Us in Cleaning Up the Air We Breath!

Features & Highlights

EVERY Combustion Engine will Experience

  • Easier Starting
  • Lower emissions
  • Less engine noise
  • Better cold starting
  • Smoother power-band
  • Eliminate EFI Alterations
  • Smoother engine performance
  • Runs automatically after install
  • Quiets odd noises and engine shakes
  • Increase in fuel combustion efficiency
  • Smoother Shifting
  • Smoother acceleration
  • Better throttle response
  • Better load-carry capability
  • Cold / Hot Weather operation
  • Ideal hybrid with all carbon fuels
  • Super-efficient energy consumption
  • Pleasurable driving with reduced body fatigue
  • Stabilized engine pulsation effect on components
  • Efficiency Core Exclusive tuned for today’s needs

Easy to Install and Use

The H2HYPOD  is safe, simple, and easy to install and use. Small, Sleek, and Light Weight, it is typically installed in the engine bay of any vehicle of any size or fuel type in less than 30 minutes.  H2HYPOD-ready … just add water and hit the road!

The H2HYPOD  connects to the electrical system and turns on only when the engine is running. When the engine stops running, so does the H2HYPOD. The only other connection needed is a small hose to the air intake.

Fuel Economy & Much More!

Attention: Commuters & Transport Drivers! The typical H2HYPOD investment pays for itself in 4 – 6 months. And, with its 5-Year Unlimited Warranty, transfer capability from vehicle to vehicle, and long life expectancy (10 to 15 years), your H2HYPOD hydrogen device will bring you great value for years to come.

The  H2HYPOD’s advanced Hybrid Fuel Systems increase the combustion rate of our fossil fuels, providing access to energy that our engines currently waste. Our hydrogen device produces a modified hydrogen gas while maintaining a specific amount of oxygen. This amazing balance eliminates the issue of tripping engine codes (O2 sensors and onboard computers) and the worry of loosing vehicle performance.

The means results that you can feel it in your pedal, and your bottom line! For example, at $3.00 per gallon, gasoline users see an average of $0.60 profit per gallon, with diesel drivers seeing an average profit of $0.90 per gallon.

Fuel Gauge

H2HYPOD Cleans Your Engine

Cleans Your Engine
Extends Vehicle Life

If your engine is running rich … the H2HYPOD will bring it back to the full combustion functionality and keep your plugs clean. And, if it is running too lean, it will help prevent melting of your pistons that causes knocks, pings, and many other problems. With the H2HYPOD technology, lean burn is something of the past.

How does it work? The H2HYPOD‘s advanced hydrogen processor creates an even burn and a consistent flame front to propel pistons more uniformly, just like the engine builder intended.

The H2HYPOD will get you down the road (or the race track) with a better running vehicle, day after day!

Economy & Performance

Worried about the rising cost of gas and other fuels? H2HyPod technology is your premium source to achieving fuel efficiency. When the heat of the piston flame front is on and then it goes off quickly, less fuel is used to perform the task of running your engine. What all this means is that there is less heat and more combustion occurring.

So many people have quoted increased coolant stability (head temperatures and lower exhaust temperatures) using the H2HYPOD  over other major engine enhancements. When engines don’t perform to their optimum, your throttle has to be open longer and this means more uncontrolled heat which burns more fuel. Solution? More torque and power with less fuel. A great feature of the H2HYPOD is that it stabilizes these major operating functions, so that your engine will perform better.

On those cold winter days, would you like your engine to warm up faster? Cold starts are the direct result of wet fuel that does not burn. The H2HYPOD helps your engine warm up more quickly by creating more vapors in the combustion chamber from the wet fuel.

Fuel Savings-Cold Engines
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